In case of converting Photoshop image to WordPress, you need to understand that the latter is not similar to formats likes XHTML, HTML or Joomla. Such conversion is exceptionally useful and quite successful but it consumes a lot of time and involves a lot of complications.

For time-saving conversion of PSD to XHTML, the file has to use layers in it so that the conversion takes places easily without much time consumption. As you convert the file, you are able to increase the functionality of the file and improve the compatibility of the file with various internet browsers. This conversion makes a website search engine and download friendly. You have to slice the images in order to convert image templates to XHTML codes. These sliced images get saved in various image formats which can then be converted into codes.

Although, these steps sound very simple and effortless, it requires the skills of an experienced developer to attach each of the approaches for best results. Other conversions also demand such experience and skills so that the desired results can be obtained.

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