Directory Mozilla or DMOZ is considered to be the most effective yet compact directory edited by humans in the World Wide Web. This directory has been compiled by globally connected volunteer editors. Essential search engines such as Netscape Search, AOL, Lycos, Google and DirectHit obtain all of their data from the DMOZ. Therefore, if you can list your website on DMOZ you will find yourself in all these major search engines. You are thus, spared of individually submitting in the search engines through the manual process as well as implementing expensive software for site submission. DMOZ Listing helps you promote and successfully indulge in website marketing.

Submission in DMOZ:

Several websites are submitted daily to DMOZ but only a few are actually accepted. This is because the sites do not conform to the standards of submission while making the submission. Choosing the appropriate description, title and category are few of the important standards. The directory listings of DMOZ are used by Google to set the standards of websites along with the complex algorithm for search engine results.

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