There are essentially two effective and highly popular Internet directories namely Yahoo and DMOZ. Directories have categories as well as sub-categories. Since it is the search engines that carry all the hype, submitting in Internet Directories is ignored by many web masters. Despite the fact that not many web masters understand the importance of link submission in directories; the search engines make use of these directories for referring as referral system.

  • Submitting in directories give you access to one-way links
  • You can choose your own anchor text
  • Submitting in directories is mainly free
  • You get access to targeted traffic

Web directories help organize the links according to the categories. Even in case of link submission in the wrong category, human editors will ensure that the right category is selected for your link.

Therefore, it is clear from above that you need web directories for link submissions owing to its various advantages. You can either choose applying this technique on your own or take the help of professionals for this purpose.

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Prices are vary and depend on work requirement. So let us know when you look for niche specific directory submissions.

Key Feature
  • We choose the best directories for quality submission.
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  • We provide continuous report for examining output.
  • We organize the links on the basis of the category required.
  • Only professionals with experience in SEO techniques are allowed to undertake projects.