The concept and techniques of search engine optimization or SEO is rapidly changing. This challenges every SEO firm while undertaking a project for demonstrating, delivering and selling the results to its clients.

Keeping in view, the changes and the requirements of the clients, SEO services have, in general, decided to follow a process consisting of four steps, to sell, market, report and deliver the requisitions of the clients.

The process of SEO is an ongoing one which cannot be ended with a project or after searching keyword for a month. The process involves the following steps:

  • Using the optimizing and discovering concepts of keywords for conversion and selling them.
  • Searching and scooping out the non-branded keywords for conversions and traffic driving purposes.
  • Using other services like additional delivery of SEO based services for high conversion of keywords and their optimum utilization.
  • Reporting to the clients about the growth and evolution of content and keywords which have high conversion value.

At Asha Web Solutions, we pour in extra effort to help our clients fulfill their requirements. Our conversion services include PSD to email, responsive, email, HTML and XTML about which you can learn from our website.


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